Monday, August 23, 2010

And so the journey continues

Friends and family,

I hope that this summer has brought you some good memories filled with travels, enjoyable weather, and time to soak in all that life has to offer. Since our last update our time has been filled with the continue inconvienience of travelling to hospital weekly for check-ups and doing the same old same old. However, we have had time to relax and spend it with friends and family over good eats and laughter.

For a major part of the summer Christa spent her time planning our wedding which we were finally able to have - this time Christa in her dress, me in my suit and special friends and family present. We could not have asked for better weather and a better day. It feels great to finally feel official (even though we were before), but this time to have the memory of a real wedding.

Our journey together has brought it's fair share of ups and downs as wehave travelled this road and battled this disease - but every moment has been an incredible brush stroke to an incredible painting. As some of you may or may not have heard our battle has once again taken a turn no one ever thought would happen. One week I was at hospital and all was going well and things were on the mend, the very next week (last week) things showed a completely different story.

Results from blood came back showing that once again the cancer has returned bringing me to diagnosis number four. Over the past several days as we have digested this news we have realized doctors have done all they can do. I have received some of the strongest chemo and medications known, plus two which was a bone marrow transplant. Though doctors are unsure of a timeline all they can do at this point is provide medications dealing with the symptoms.

With the crappy news behind I do believe there is hope. Just because we have received such news does not mean we have given up. We know that we believe in something stronger and more powerful than any man or medicine can offer. We are deciding to continue walking this journey out seeking out other options as they come along considering anything which may help with my recovery.

Though I struggled for a few days if I should share the news publicly or not - I decided why not? You have been with us this far why not keep on going. Especially since we believe so much in fighting this disease with an army, not just the two of us.

We will continue to update as often as we can but know that we thank you all for your support, love, encouragement and prayers.