Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 14

I just pulled up our blog and realized that the last post was from Day 6-Post Transplant and today we are Day 14!

Tim continues to do fantastic...

A few days ago, while getting a blood transfusion, he spiked a little bit of a fever and had to be admitted and put on precautionary antibiotics. Turns out, the fever was a response to Andrews cells making their home in Tim's marrow. How cool huh? After a couple days in over night, he was able to get out on passes..and is currently being seen daily. His amazing Dr. Ping is SO impressed with his response to the transplant. Tim had some mouth sores and a pretty sore throat, in order to eat he needed some morphine, but even still, the nurses were saying "What do you do for your mouth? In the midst of the still looks better than I've ever seen!" His doc also says that she can't even compare Tim to the other God!
Now we're enjoying this weather...and have started to unpack our suitcases. Tim will be moved to the outpatient clinic in a few days. A few months ago we thought this journey would never end, and now we are finishing...Tim is finishing with health and strength! His counts are increasing...yahhh!
We'll update you soon!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 6

Today is Day 6! I know! We can't believe it either!

Tim continues to do FANTASTIC! We know this is ALL because of our powerful God, Tim's incredible attitude and prayer. It is so cool to see him feeling great. He is happy, laughing lots, eating like a horse, gaining weight, and has had NO mouth pain or sores. We are living in a miracle!

The staff are in awe! We have been able to be home each day and night, attending morning checkups every day. Tim consistently walks out of them with flying colors.

I really think Andrew's cells are perfect for Tim's body. We can tell they are working in there...Tim's skin has changed to a mild tan, doc's say this is a good sign!

If you are a prayer..please agree with us for the following things;

-Continued miracles and incredible progress for Tim
-No mouth sores or pain
-No infection or fevers
-That each day he would continue to be let out on passes
-That Tim's incredible story would be a witness to MANY on this unit of our God's power in lives!

Friday, May 7, 2010

May 7th--Day 2

Hey Guys!

So, I don't have time to give you a huge long blog..but a quick update should do for now! Leading up to transplant was an exciting time..we had been waiting for this special day for a long time. Knowing it was just around the corner was amazing! Tim had been waiting for it too. This journey has been a long one, and for him, May 5th was not only a gift from his brother, but a new chance to FINALLY live life cancer free!

The day arrived! May 5th! Andrew (Tim's brother and donor) was at the hospital at 7:15am. Accompanied by his wife, they began a day of blood work, line insertion and finally the stem cell collection. He started at 10:00am and was done by 4:00pm! I went down to check up on them a couple times, and although Andrew was a little stiff, he had a big smile on his face the entire time. His wife Michelle sat beside him the entire day, totally supportive and proud. I could see it on her face!

The collection was prepared and brought up to Tim at 6:00pm. It was so neat to see them bring that bag into the room. Tim and I just looked at eachother in awe. What Andrew had given Tim! SO cool!

The infusion began...

Although Tim had a slight reaction to the unmatched red blood cells from Andrew, it was soon over as they slowed the infusion. The nurse mentioned that the patients that get sick during the stem cell infusion end up doing really well overall. The sickness didn't last and shortly after the transplant, Tim was eating a big piece of cake. :)

Then, just like that, the day we'd been waiting for was over! Andrew had just given Tim LIFE.

So tonight, Tim and I are at home relaxing..

"Wait" you say... "Did I hear that right?"

Yes, you did in fact. Tim was able to go home the next day. Since, we've gone in each day for checkups and the doctor mentioned to us the other day "I don't really understand how you are doing so well...?" We know why, and we know that from this point forward, life is going to be good, all the time!

So! I'm going to go and hang out with my amazing hubby who inspires me every single day.