Saturday, April 24, 2010

What We've Been Waiting For...

Hey everybody, we know it has been awhile since we last wrote, blogging hasn't really been on our mind as we have been enjoying our time together at home. What an awesome and refreshing break! We've done everything from bike rides and picnics to quality time together as a couple and with friends too. On top of that, we've just been overwhelmed with the way God has been preparing us for the end of our journey, the end of Cancer and the end of this season. We are so excited and confident. God is a faithful and incredible God, who will see us through this, there will be a party through the next few weeks and after them too!

So what is next? Well, Tim will receive a few days of "bone marrow killer" chemo (as we like to call it...) next week. Side effects for most patients are none, but Tim isn't most patients... ;) The pharmacist told him that if he hasn't had any side effects with the other chemos, he definitely won't with these ones either! So cool!! The chemo they give will essentially get rid of all of Tim's own bone marrow to make room for the new guys coming in--Andrew's cells!

Tim will have two days off, and then be admitted on May 5th for the transplant, what we've been waiting for! Andrew will arrive in the morning and have his cells collected from a big vein in his neck. As soon as they are ready--the staff bring the cells, or bone marrow, upstairs to Tim, and infuses them! THEN...its recovery time for his body! Most patients stay in for about two weeks, some less, and the doctors watch Tim's blood really closely. Those new cells will find their home inside of Tim's marrow and begin producing exactly what his body needs--and fighting off all the bad at the same time. It sounds pretty simple here, and it is...alot is included in the process, but it is an incredible and amazing gift from God that this life saving treatment is here for patients like Tim!

Tim is doing fantastic! He has gained lots of weight, he is strong, healthy and totally prepared for this transplant! This time off has been SO great! We're SUPER excited for what is yet to come!!

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Home to sleep...!

Tim-a lil puffy from those steroids during chemo week! Hot stuff!

Tim and I are h-o-m-e! Chemo went great. Tim had six doses of chemo, some of the same ones he had when he was a teen. He hasn't been sick once, and he is past the point of being sick...he is gaining weight, and getting stronger each day. The only "side effect" he had was feeling a little bit weak.

After three days of chemo, we were so looking forward to getting out of the hospital and spending time at home. Out of nowhere, Tim experienced another high fever. At first the doc assumed it was an effect from the meds, but the fever returned two more times. Antibiotics began, and blood cultures discovered a bacteria in Tims blood. They called it "persistent bacteria" as it just wouldn't go away. The lab came each day, over the weekend, etc and the cultures always came back positive. Tim was eventually told he had a form of pneumonia, but it was not in his lungs, only his central lines. He had no signs or symptoms of pneumonia! So cool! That is when they decided to remove Tims central line. The lab returned again that evening, and I recall the tech saying "It takes a really long time to get rid of bacteria in the blood...." and that is when Tim and I started praying, and got all of our friends and church family on board.

Two days later, Tim was feeling so much better, the weakness disappeared and a miracle occurred...the cultures came back 100% negative! We know without a doubt, that getting a huge team of people to pray assisted in that amazing result. NOW, unexpectedly, we are home, the doctors switched Tim to a 24hour antibiotic, and it is so nice to chill on our couch, eat our own food and be in L-O-V-E!

"What else can I tell them Tim? ...."

"Whatever you want...!"

"Okay then! Peace out!"

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Tim and I are sitting together watching "19 Kids and Counting," at the hospital. Tim has been here since Tuesday morning. They started the remainder of round 2 chemo, and he is doing great. He's had two types of chemo, and has his last dose this evening around midnight. After that, he is a free man until the end of April when they begin chemo again and he has his transplant.

So on the show, they've just had their 19th child, and moved the entire family closer to the hospital where their baby is getting well. They have to be in the hospital for three months. They can't hold their baby yet, and have had to move 18 kids to a new home. What an adjustment! Tim and I can relate, but are so thankful for the situation we are in. There are only a few more weeks left until we can return to our home for good....that in itself is a blessing. It's so easy to get bummed, but then we realize that this is so temporary compared to the years we have ahead of us. God is such a faithful God.

What is new...hmmm...

Tim has a brand new blackberry bought for him by a group of friends from Springs Church. He was having huge problems with his other phone, so our friends took it upon themselves to bring a little bit of joy to Tim. They did...he's so glad to have a reliable working phone!

My amazing mom surprised Tim and I with some new books and CD's, which have been such a blessing. It's amazing what a little bit of good music can do for the soul, and the books...we love em! It helps pass the time in the hospital.

Tims brother Andrew is getting ready for his donation day on May 5th, and going to appointments throughout April to prepare him for it. Andrew and his wife are moving to Calgary really close to the hospital! It will be so nice to have them so close. I cannot wait for the day when we get to see Andrews cells going into Tim to give him another chance at life, a long long life. How cool. What an amazing thing! What an amazing process!

Tim and I have been chatting alot about moving away! Right now its only a dream, but we, as well as the hospital staff encourage us to start fresh when this process is done. We have our ideas about what that means, and we are so excited!

(Tim is watching Elmo's World...o goodness!)

All in all, we are both doing fantastic. Tim is overcoming every hurdle infront of him and we are jumping high over the hurdles that stand infront of us as a couple. So many people see hurdles as road blocks...things they panic over and can't face, but we see them as an athlete does..something to conquer! I remember in high school jumping over hurdles, and how much fun it was so look back at the end of the course and feel that amazing accomplishment. THAT is what we've chosen to do, and nothing will get it our way...bring on the hurdles...we will blow over em! :)