Thursday, February 25, 2010

Off to War

We have some incredible people serving our nation. They selflessly leave family and friends and fight for the freedom of their country. They stick on that uniform and go into warrior mode.

Tim and I are going to war...but its a war against Leukemia this time.

Sometimes we can't believe its back, sometimes we shake our heads and wonder.

This is Tims third time with Cancer, and frankly its brutal. BUT, we will never ever falter, never quit, never live in the pits, we WILL rise above yet again.

Here is the plan: Tim has begun two rounds of chemotherapy. The first week is almost done. After that he has a few days off, then another round of chemo. These first few weeks of chemo are to put him into remission. So far he has gone from 20 blast cells to 2.2 blast cells, so its working! We are under the understanding that he will then have recovery time allowing his counts to return to normal and then face more intense chemo to completely knock out his bone marrow to make room for the donor bone marrow transplant. Both of his brothers were a match in 2002, so they are retesting them. It looks like one of them will be donating their bone marrow to save Tims life.

After the transplant, it takes 7-10 days to see the counts start to come up. THEN, its all uphill from there. We are believing for the same things as last time. Minimal side effects, (Tim didn't have ANY of the side effects they said he would) and no infection. We trust that this transplant will be curative and even though its another tough road, there is a big bright light at the end of the tunnel.

We can't wait to have a life free of Cancer. It is going to be amazing. We are almost there.

Tim is doing really well guys, although having to face this again and again gets tiring. Its taken alot to get used to. Life was going so well, we were planning another wedding celebration for the summer, Tim had been promoted and was loving work, I was accepted and supposed to start nursing, we were planning our honeymoon, life without Cancer was amazing. Even in the midst of all of that..and then now, life is still amazing. We won't let disease take our joy, nothing will. War is never fun, but its worth it.

We have a big support team behind us, and need to thank alot of people;

Dr. Anthony- Thank you for breaking the news to Tim and I in such a kind and compassionate way. You are such a light, we really appreciate you. Tim is so lucky to have a doctor like you.

Unit 57- Wow. Youguys are amazing. Thank you to the nurses who take exceptional care of Tim. You are always ready and willing to do anything to make this journey better for him. We are really lucky to be on this unit...we wouldn't want to be anywhere else. To the rest of the staff--you guys add such joy to the unit. We thank you for that!

Amber- Thank you for letting me stay at your place, so close to Tim. Thanks for packing me leftovers and baking for Tim. Like I said yesterday, you offer such a peaceful environment. Its hard leaving Tim at the hospital each night, but it makes it easier knowing I am so warmly welcomed at your place.

Springs- Thank you for praying and fighting along side of us. We are blown away with the support. THANK YOU for donating your platelets and eagerly encouraging and uplifting us. Keep those warrior prayers coming.

Parents- Thanks for your support. We can't do this without you. Thanks for accommodating us so well and making sure we are well taken care of. We love youguys.

No matter what happens in your life or the lives of those around you..God is good, He is the healer and sustainer of Tims life! We will win!

-Christa Harriman

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