Friday, April 9, 2010

Home to sleep...!

Tim-a lil puffy from those steroids during chemo week! Hot stuff!

Tim and I are h-o-m-e! Chemo went great. Tim had six doses of chemo, some of the same ones he had when he was a teen. He hasn't been sick once, and he is past the point of being sick...he is gaining weight, and getting stronger each day. The only "side effect" he had was feeling a little bit weak.

After three days of chemo, we were so looking forward to getting out of the hospital and spending time at home. Out of nowhere, Tim experienced another high fever. At first the doc assumed it was an effect from the meds, but the fever returned two more times. Antibiotics began, and blood cultures discovered a bacteria in Tims blood. They called it "persistent bacteria" as it just wouldn't go away. The lab came each day, over the weekend, etc and the cultures always came back positive. Tim was eventually told he had a form of pneumonia, but it was not in his lungs, only his central lines. He had no signs or symptoms of pneumonia! So cool! That is when they decided to remove Tims central line. The lab returned again that evening, and I recall the tech saying "It takes a really long time to get rid of bacteria in the blood...." and that is when Tim and I started praying, and got all of our friends and church family on board.

Two days later, Tim was feeling so much better, the weakness disappeared and a miracle occurred...the cultures came back 100% negative! We know without a doubt, that getting a huge team of people to pray assisted in that amazing result. NOW, unexpectedly, we are home, the doctors switched Tim to a 24hour antibiotic, and it is so nice to chill on our couch, eat our own food and be in L-O-V-E!

"What else can I tell them Tim? ...."

"Whatever you want...!"

"Okay then! Peace out!"

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