Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 6

Today is Day 6! I know! We can't believe it either!

Tim continues to do FANTASTIC! We know this is ALL because of our powerful God, Tim's incredible attitude and prayer. It is so cool to see him feeling great. He is happy, laughing lots, eating like a horse, gaining weight, and has had NO mouth pain or sores. We are living in a miracle!

The staff are in awe! We have been able to be home each day and night, attending morning checkups every day. Tim consistently walks out of them with flying colors.

I really think Andrew's cells are perfect for Tim's body. We can tell they are working in there...Tim's skin has changed to a mild tan, doc's say this is a good sign!

If you are a prayer..please agree with us for the following things;

-Continued miracles and incredible progress for Tim
-No mouth sores or pain
-No infection or fevers
-That each day he would continue to be let out on passes
-That Tim's incredible story would be a witness to MANY on this unit of our God's power in lives!

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