Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 14

I just pulled up our blog and realized that the last post was from Day 6-Post Transplant and today we are Day 14!

Tim continues to do fantastic...

A few days ago, while getting a blood transfusion, he spiked a little bit of a fever and had to be admitted and put on precautionary antibiotics. Turns out, the fever was a response to Andrews cells making their home in Tim's marrow. How cool huh? After a couple days in over night, he was able to get out on passes..and is currently being seen daily. His amazing Dr. Ping is SO impressed with his response to the transplant. Tim had some mouth sores and a pretty sore throat, in order to eat he needed some morphine, but even still, the nurses were saying "What do you do for your mouth? In the midst of the still looks better than I've ever seen!" His doc also says that she can't even compare Tim to the other God!
Now we're enjoying this weather...and have started to unpack our suitcases. Tim will be moved to the outpatient clinic in a few days. A few months ago we thought this journey would never end, and now we are finishing...Tim is finishing with health and strength! His counts are increasing...yahhh!
We'll update you soon!

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