Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Never Going Back

The other day..I was having a moment with God and He ever so quietly whispered in my ear "You and Tim, are NEVER going back."

Realizing how powerful that little message was really made me thank God for what He has pulled us through. We are never going back...just pressing forward...with victory!

What can we tell you other than WE LOVE SUMMER! Tim would love to be camping right now, enjoying the tent, campfire and warm weather, but he isn't allowed to camp until next year. SO..we've been enjoying lots of time outside with our new friend Bruno, taking in hikes, planning our little wedding reception and I've been very busy with photography. Summer is always a blast. Tim has been faithfully working on his book. I am SO proud to see him write. This book has been on his "t0-do" list for a long time, we know thousands will be impacted by his story. He has a great team helping him along and the finished product will blow your socks off.

Guess what? Tim had a bone marrow aspirate done about two weeks ago and here are the results:

100% of the cells being produced (red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, hemoglobin, etc) are donor cells, Andrews cells...which means the transplant was a 100% success! Tim is a brand new man! Currently his counts are recovering...and Andrew's blood type which is B negative is taking over the house! When they did the aspirate and pulled out the piece of bone, it was as long as a bobby pin...which is jaw dropping...! The doctor was even blown away! I thought about it later and realized that Tim's marrow in the past had been tiny, barely there..and now it was huge and healthy the marrow must be strong and healthy. We were so glad to get the results that the marrow WAS strong and healthy, all thanks to Andrew!

Tim visits the clinic every two weeks, with blood taken every week. He can get it checked in Airdrie which is a huge blessing for him. He is feeling good, and you can tell his body is recovering well.

Today we went up to unit 57 to say hello, and it was so bitter sweet to be there. His doctors were SO excited to see him and see how well he is doing. That was cool.
Enjoy the photos! We will update soon!


  1. It was awesome to see you guys, tim you look great! Thanks to you both, I am now obsessed with the big bang theory!

    Courtney, Unit 57

  2. tim-did any of your doctors ever teach you how to fight cancer with food? no chemo, rad, or other drugs are needed. please consider contacting me. i teach my patients how to prevent/reverse cancer and other chronic diseases and think i can be of benefit to you and your family. 775 223 8260 dr.gbh

  3. Dear Tim and Christa,
    You guys are both amazing people and I remember our day riding our bikes with you into Ottawa like it was yesterday. I was extremely happy to read you are doing well and feeling strong again!
    My thoughts are with you both, with love,