Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Phew...what a beautiful summer we are having so far! Of course, we've experienced the nice long days of rain...and a little bit of snow, but for the most part, the sun has been shining, as it is right now. It is bursting into our office window, and as I write I am reminded of the wonderful things the sunshine does for Tim and I. It is a glorious thing to be outside on days like this, on warm summer days, soaking up the moments we've missed and knowing we will enjoy these summer days for years and years and YEARS to come!

What is new since our last post? LOTS!

Tim is currently being seen once a week, which will soon be moved to once every two weeks. His blood work is fantastic, and his counts are in normal range. It's cool to see that on paper, because they have been so low for so long. Again, we've said it before, the doctors and nurses are SO impressed with his progress, attitude, appetite, and how well he is taking care of himself.

Going to the hospital isn't as intense as it has been. The clinic is such a positive and relaxing environment, and the nurses flirt with Tim like CRAZY! I love it!

Tim and I celebrated our one year anniversary on May 25th, we've taken day trips to Canmore and Drumheller, went to the Relay for Life and are currently planning our little "wedding" celebration in August. I'll finally get to wear my wedding dress! Life is incredible. Always has been.


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