Monday, July 13, 2009

Code: Red - July 12

Code Red! Code Red! Code Red!

As I lay there in my almost deepest form of sleep I can hear fire bells but I think I'm dreaming. All of a sudden I hear what sounds like a very loud drum roll sound through the hallways which turns out to be every single door in the building slamming shut from the fire bells. Half drugged I open an eye trying to gain my senses. Over the intercom I hear it again: Code Red, 3rd floor and then again...and again. Am I dreaming? What's going on? I don't hear a thing. I don't hear screaming, yelling, or other people scrambling around...I must be dreaming. Just go back to sleep Tim, it's probably like 2AM - these sleeping pills are really getting the best of you. And in about 2 seconds this is what goes through my mind: Wait a minute...3rd floor! That's below me. Fire = heat. Heat = rise. Fire burns up. Floor caves in. I'm on top floor. That's a long fall. Oh dear!!!

What do I do.? No one's come for me? How do I unhook all this stuff on me? Do I stay here and turn on the news and watch myself die on TV (which could be interesting) or do I make an escape for it?! Tim - WAKE UP! The place is on fire and your in it....GET OUT! Oh, right. This is a fire. Stop, drop, and roll baby!

As I roll over and get out of bed feeling like an astronaut walking on the moon I make my way to the door. I can't open it. Did they lock me in here? Those sick, cruel, people! Alright, nice God. Good plan. So I'm not gunna die of cancer. No way! I'm going to die in a fire where I am supposed to be treated for cancer. Great.

Finally I summon the energy and grab the door handle and just reef it open, drag my IV pull into the hallway for a little observe. Everything seems normal. No smoke. I don't see any flames. But the doors! Everything is locked down. The people...where is everyone? Did they forget about me? Elevators - your not supposed to take those during a fire. Stairs! I'm on the top floor. AND I'm hooked up to this thing! Is this actually happening? Am I in the rapture and just missed the man himself - what's happening?!

Just as I was getting ready to call my people and tell them I am breaking a window and jumping out on the back side - bring a trampoline or something to catch me cause it's a long way down...I see life. A nurse walks around the corner. Are you wondering what's going on? What's going...I have a good idea of what's going on...but maybe we should think about leaving! (I felt like James Bond now - on a mission to save the girl). It's okay Tim, it's just on the third floor, you can go back in your room. We will let you know if anything changes - she responds.

Okay...phew. Building isn't on fire Tim, but you just go sit and your room and everything is gunna be alright now. In an way, as I lay there in my bed - I was thinking man, that would be awesome if this place burnt to the ground. 1. I'd be done with this crap and just go back to life and act like it never happened. 2. I think that it would be some good entertainment for some good stories...and 3....well I don't know - I survived cancer....twice...and a fire all at the same time!

Ha-ha...until next time!

Tim Harriman


  1. Haha! That just brightened my day. Tim - you are a fantastic story teller. You will make an awesome speaker! The best kind tell stories the way you do.

  2. Tim and Krista!
    It was such a pleasure to meet both of you!
    Thank you for the kinds words in the card you dropped off today! and of course the goodies.
    You both are an inspiration! I am so glad that I had the chance to share in your journey. I feel absolutely honored to have met both of you.
    Tim, best of luck! my thoughts will be with you as you continue to recover.
    I wish both of you such a happy and long life together!
    I will always remember your positive attitude and smiles brightening up the unit!!

    One of Tim's nurses
    Heather Broski