Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One Step

July 23rd:

This video contains pictures and memories of our journey and what we have endured, together. As this chapter of our life closes we look to the future with eyes focused above in anticipation and excitement of what is yet to come.

Thank you to all for your prayers, support, and encourgage. We could not have done it without you guys!

Tim & Christa Harriman

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  1. From the book:
    Everything You Know Is Wrong
    by: Russ Kick
    page 299.

    "Wormwood + Iron = Dead Cancer Cells

    An extract from wormwood-the bitter herb that gives the outlaw liquor absinthe its kick-has achieved amazing results against cancer cells. Extracted from Artemesia annua L., artemisinin has been used by the Chinese to fiht malaria for millennia. It works by destroying the iron-rich malaria parasite. Cancer cells are also drenched in iron, so two researchers from the University of Washington had the idea to attack them with aretemisinin. The results weren't good until they hit upon the idea of infusing malignant cells with even more iron, then setting the wormwood compound loose.
    According to their study published in Life Sciences, in just eight hours, 75 percent of the radiation-resistant breast cancer cells in a test tube had been killed. Agter another eight hours, almost all of them were dead. In previous studies, 1) artemisinin wiped out all leukemia cells-which are even higher in iron-in eight hours, and 2) a dog that was unable to walk due to advanced bone cancer was prancing around five days after treatment.

    Among the other good news: Artemisinin only attacks iron-heavy cancerous cells, leaving alone normal cells; having been used for thousands of years, its safety is well-known; and the cost of the treatment is insanely cheap-$2 per dose. The bad news is that this low cost cuts both ways. Because there's no profit in a natural, non-patentable cure, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies will have no incentive to push it, so you may have to take the initiative."

    The book quotes these as sources:
    Singh, Narendra P., and Henry Lai. "Selective Toxicity of Dihydroartemisinin and Holotransferrin Toward Human Breast Cancer Cells." Life Sciences 70.1 (Nov 2001): 49-56; unsigned. "Chinese Folk Remedy Fights Cancer." MSNBC, 4 Dec 2001.

    PS: My ex-boyfriend went to China to be treated for prostate cancer at their homeopathic hospitals. When he returned, they couldn't find any trace of cancer within his system.

    Love and Good Luck! :)