Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 8 - Day 38

Hi Friends,

The past few days have been a little rougher so I am only getting to you now. Thanks for hangin in there ;)

The doctors did say before starting this round of treatments that they expected it to be slightly rougher than the first - and since I received radiation on top of the chemo it only intensifies the effects that much more.

When I was released last weekend I felt great on Friday and then Saturday morning the effects hit me. But again, I wasn't brutally ill. I felt a little more tired and weaker then usual and slightly nauseated but overall was still doing fairly well. However, at my appointment on Monday the doctor said I had lost 10 lbs and said if I didn't pick it up and wasn't feeling better by my next visit (Wednesday) then she would want me to stay over night. So, long story short Tuesday morning I was still feeling a little rough and decided that instead of trying to fight this on my own to just come into the hospital and get the fluids and meds I needed to speed up my recovery.

Doctor was in this morning and said she sees light at the end of the tunnel. I start my G-shots (which help stimulate my cell growth) tomorrow morning and should be back up at at er by next week. This is a very serious part of the whole treatment though since I've now received my transplant and don't want to screw anything up. I'm not supposed to be around anyone under 10, avoid camping and intense outdoor activities for one full year, no mowing the lawn or any outdoor yard work, no flowers and plants in the house (poop, I sure love my plants...if you know what I mean...kidding people...geez.) So basically life will return some what the normal but still have to be very cautious that I do not get any infections or viruses.

As for that, the past week or two has been interesting. Even though I've had a few rough days it still is not like anything that some patients go through. I've definitely had the good end of the stick and pray that things continue to go well :)

We thank you all for your support, cards, letters, emails and phone calls. Even though we haven't had a chance to respond to everything know that your love, support, and encouragement means the world to us! We are so grateful for friends, family, and even strangers who are rooting us on!

Cheers to you :)

Tim Harriman


  1. Hi Tim & Christa,

    I talked to your Mom the other day, Christa, and some of us would like to pop in to see you two on Friday afternoon if that works for you. We'll call first and promise not to bring any peonies, pansies or roses.(I'll have to check out your yard and see what I can bring you from my garden for yours.) Cheyenne has gone to her grandparents as of this morning till August but it's likely just as well she cannot come over since she's 10. So, hopefully at least Peter and/or Fiona can accompany me as I cannot carry your wedding gift myself!

    We are thrilled that thngs are coming along so well for you, Tim. You have both been in our prayers for some time. I apologize for our lack of communication; I was attempting to delegate this to a certain male . . . (ahem!). See you soon.


  2. I am praying for you like crazy! You are such an awesome example of someone fully dependant on God. I have been reading your posts to a co-worker which has stimulated some interesting conversations. God is using this trial in many other people's lives already.

    Keep your eyes on Him as you finish this sucker off. Stomp the devil down and grab hold of the victory that Christ has already won for us.

    Thank you for keeping a journal so that we can follow in your journey and be inspired and kicked into action by your faith.

    Your sister in Christ,

    PS - Christa, I admire your strength! Lean on Christ and he will keep you strong even when it gets discouraging and so hard. You are also an inspiration to me. Keep strong.