Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It has been a crazy week! Tim and I have been chatting about how quickly everything comes and goes. We are thankful for that, it makes the entire journey easier when the days don't drag out. Tim was feeling fantastic, and early last week woke up feeling "strange." His temperature kept jumping around, and eventually reached 39. We jumped in the car and arrived at the hospital. The blood work came back showing Tim was neutropenic, which is having almost no white blood cells and no neutrophils, the infection fighting cells. That is a common and expected result of the Chemotherapy, so they started an antibiotic right away.

I think it was that night, or the next night that he started getting really cold while under about five blankets at the hospital. After I took his temp, which was 39.2, I grabbed the nurse. She was in the room only about 2 minutes later, and it had climbed to 41.5. His skin was hot to the touch but he was shaking like I've never seen anyone shake. The nurse grabbed Tylenol and was going to get Demerol to calm the jitters. When she left, I put my hand on his head and prayed that the shakes would stop...now...and they did. His body began to calm down. It was SO neat! She came back about a minute later and said "O, he stopped shaking?" Yes he did, because our God is just so cool! :) Later on, he emerged from his high fever which reached 42.8 and was stripping off the blankets and eating ice cream. The Tylenol did the trick! Here is a picture...

From there, each day was an adventure of its own. The important thing is--all of our prayers were answered and Tim is home. His fever left, his counts are coming up and he is feeling so much better every day. In spite of everything he went through last week, the doctors are still amazed at how well he is doing!

O...and did we tell you...BOTH of Tim's brothers, Andrew and Jerry are 100% matches! There are a few more tests to find out which one they will choose, but the transplant is in the works.

--Shaving the last of the hair!

--Tim having an ECG done after a funny reaction to blood products, but don't worry, no more reactions since then!

--Tim and I at North Glenmore Park for a walk.

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  1. So amazing and encouraging! I really appreciate you sharing your story. Love you both! Sharon Toews