Monday, March 1, 2010


Today we are home. Enjoying every hour that passes. Home is such a place of comfort and relaxation for us. We'd rather be here than anywhere else.

Tim is currently humming some Miley Cyrus (oops, did I say that!??) and trying to fix his phone. Telus has really given him the run him a "new phone" that turned out to be a USED phone. Real good Telus...this is where our friend Jody steps in. Hahahahaha.

We went to the hospital Sunday morning for blood work, and then were sent home again. We will return tomorrow morning for more blood work and possibly some platelet and whole blood transfusions. Praying they send us home again after. As long as Tim stays fever free..he can be at home. Yahhh!

Tims new best friend has become food--he is eating like a horse and has gained quite a bit of weight in the past week. This is a good thing for him as he heads into transplant. His body will come out strong if he enters the transplant strong. Like last night, I came home from church and found that he had eaten wings, two plates of nachos and had been eating the entire night prior to ordering Boston Pizza! His belly is much bigger than a few days ago...he is starting to resemble Santa.

For those of you praying, keep it coming! Tim is doing PHENOMENAL considering what his body has been through. He is experiencing NO side effects from chemo. We celebrate this every day. Our God is bigger than that crap!

I just turned to Tim and asked if he had anything to say to you guys...he said ...


There you have it! Profound words from Tim Harriman himself! Hope that inspired you!


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