Friday, March 26, 2010

Point Form Update...

-Tim is doing really well...! (As usual!)
-He and I both had food poisoning. I got over it, his body couldn't handle it, so he was in the hospital from Tuesday night at 3am till this morning (Friday). He was only sick Tuesday night, they just wanted to watch him till today.
-His counts dropped with being ill, but are slowly coming up. We'll need lots of prayer to have them up by Monday.
-Chemo starts again next week. He has one day of chemo, three days of stuff to get it outta him, then home.
-April is full of tests and stuff leading up to his BMT.
-Life is good!
-Tim is in remission! His bone marrow aspirate came back clear :) No more cancer!

There is a quick update! We will write more soon!

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