Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Low Counts Mean Transfusion!

(Platelets and blood, from YOUR donations! Keep them coming!!!)
Hey Everybody!

After watching the Bachelor last night, (what an ending huh?) Tim and I headed to the comfort of our bed only to be rudely awoken at 7:00am to embark on another journey into Calgary.

Okay, it wasn't THAT bad.

Tims counts have been slowly dropping, which is expected and wanted. That means the chemotherapy is doing its job, and the healing has begun! Today his platelets were only 7, and his hemoglobin had dropped to 70, both very low. His doc ordered more platelets (keep donating! We will need LOTS, along with the other patients on the unit too!) and whole blood. He had one bag of platelets and two bags of blood. I'll admit, my stomach turned quite a bit seeing someone else's blood being pumped into Tim. It looked like a big nose bleed dripping into the IV pump. Blah. My head is spinning even thinking about it, and I am not a squeamish person whatsoever. Tim very obnoxiously said "GROSS!" when they pulled out the bag. What a goof I've got! ;)

After a full day at the hospital, Tim was released again for a few more days off. He is feeling super, no side effects or symptoms. Keep those prayers coming...we know you guys are praying because his doctors are so pleased with how he is doing. One of his doctors the other day said to us "I just love seeing how well you are doing! It does me good to see patients who respond so well!"

It only gets "gooder and gooder" from here...as Tim would say.

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