Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just a quick note to say hello...

Well it has officially been about three and a half weeks since we first heard that news. Tomorrow morning I am headed into Foothills again for an ECO which is test done on my heart to make sure everything is functioning properly. On Wednesday we meet with the Transplant team to discuss my choice of treatment and the whole process and for the remainder of the week it will be spent enjoy the weather, soaking up the sun, and living life!
I must admit, as sick as this sounds...I am excited. I am excited to see another chapter unfold in my life and see where it will take me - this time with someone very special beside me :)
The number of emails and messages that have come in have been overwhelming (in a good way). One message was about someones mom who had a stem cell transplant and was successful, another was from a guy who is in his thirties and had lymphoma when he was 15, is now married and a child on the way, and many many emails and messages with general support and encouraging words!
We are so grateful and blessed to have people like you in our lives!
Keep pressin on with us - we will be in touch near the end of the week or next week after I am admitted with an update!
Cheers my friends!


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