Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 14 - Hurry up and wait

Well, the tests are finally done. Two weeks of going back and forth to the hospital to do every test known to man kind. During my initial visit with the doctor not much information was known. They knew as much as I knew. The first biopsy had come back showing cancerous cells - assuming to be a form of lymphoma. But we were on ground zero.
The first test that I had was a bone marrow test. The doctor gave me the option to wait a week or get it done right away. Knowing that this would be painful I wanted to get it done and out of the way ASAP. I must say, one thing is different from the Children's Hospital to the adult center. In children's you are typically put to sleep for adult world that's not the case. The care is still great and the people are amazing...but the experience is different. In a way, I've had to change my mentality to "Suck it up princess".
As I lay there on the procedure table waiting for the nurses and doctor to prep me all I can think about is the pain knowing that this is gunna hurt like hell. Seeing the doctor pull out a needle the size of a pencil I thought to myself, "your kidding". But no he wasn' he went through my hip bone and started sawing and twisting away. "That's part 1 Tim" he said. You mean there is more I replied. I thought that wasn't too bad the second part can't be any worse. Boy was I wrong. In he went again sawing and twisting around eventually to the point where I am pretty sure the patients in the waiting room could hear me yelping and moaning.
My doctor isn't a very big guy and he's quiet at when I looked over and saw him sweating rain drops I knew this was more then a cardio work out.
When he was done I rolled over onto my back and caught a breath of air only to say, "I can't imagine what women feel when giving birth." For 30mins I lay there taking deep breaths and trying to regain my focus. What a brutal test...I don't wish that upon anyone.
The MRI and PET SCAN was even funner (that's not a word I know but today it is). For both tests I was put onto a metal bed which felt like a serving tray and then shoved into a tube which made loud noises where I wasn't allowed to breathe or move around. I felt like it was torture as if I was put into a time capsule and would be released in 25 years. When I was finally able to come out I felt like I had just seen God or something. It was like a breath of fresh air.
Overall I'm confident about the results. The big one will be the PET SCAN which shows exactly where the cancer is. I feel confident that the MRI and other tests will come back with good results.
But in the mean time...when I went through cancer the first time at the children's hospital a very popular sang went around: Hurry up and wait. So that's what ill do.
Cheers my friends!

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