Friday, June 5, 2009

Home Sweet Home!!!

Ah - Home Sweet Home! I love it here! This is my haven. My getaway. My paradise. My sanctuary. It is so nice to be home. I feel so refreshed, energized, renewed and strengthened. I feel better today then I felt before I was diagnosed. I have lots of color, eating lots (steroids...gotta love em), have had a full body workout every day this week, and loving every single minute of it.

Don't get me wrong, there have definitely been times where I have had my down moments and feel discouraged or wonder why the **** (fill in the blank) I am going through this again, but there ain't no time to ask such silly questions. But if I am gunna bring it up...then let's open the table for discussion. Why do I have cancer again?

I've been reading a book on fighting cancer by this doctor who did mounds of research on the disease and broke cancer causing agents into three categories. 1. Our environment: From the chemicals we use to clean our house to the pollution in the air to our work environments and the things we breathe in on a daily basis. 2. Our diets: Apparently over 80% of cancers are caused by our diet. Which I find interesting. Back a while ago before I even started treatments Harold and I from work had a few interesting conversations about cancer and if things like second hand smoke and alcohol and all that apparently "number one" cancer causing stuff really is the answer. Frig, even the other day when I was in the elevator at the hospital I saw a sign up about receiving support for anal cancer. I mean - C'mon, are we not allowed to poop anymore! Give me a break. I mean I definitely agree that somewhere along the line we as humans are responsible for our health and why so many of us are inheriting diseases - but I look at my family and extended family compared to other families...If you don't have cancer in my family...something is wrong with you. You better head back to the take it or leave and tape a sign to your chest because you are in the wrong gang. But yet I look at other families who definitely ain't reaching for the healthy lifestyle and sickness doesn't even consume them. So, is it possible that maybe because I've had two types of aggressive cancer that maybe my body needs extra attention when it comes to diet in order to keep these cancers at bay...or is it possible that those who give a rats rear end about their health are only setting themselves up for problems in the future. Either way I do agree that diet plays a big roll in how we feel, our performance, and keeping illness away.

When I was training for my bike tour I eventually was asked to meet with a nutritionist who wanted to put me on all sorts of supplements, herbs, organics, and God knows what else. At first, I thought your kidding. I'm going to eat Kraft Dinner and McDonald's for the rest of my life...and might live healthier - but we are both going out the same way...we're gunna die sooner or later. But then I discovered...would I not want to live a healthy life, feeling energetic every single day, with passion and fire, and eagerness to enjoy the outdoors, and die at 90 rather than living a life on my couch and can't even roll myself over get my point. I learnt very quickly that when I started eating more organic foods, making healthier choices, taking in supplements that we don't normally find in most foods, and living an active life style...I FELT FANTASTIC! And I believe that most of my success from my bike tour came from my diet which gave me the nutrients I needed to perform at such high intensity. Christa and I have made some major changes in our diet and when I am through with my treatments we will continue to make some major changes!

The third point the doctor discusses in his book is our thinking. A psychologist (forget her name) recently did a project called Who turned my brain off - which unlocks thinking patterns in our brain which is tied to our physical body and our health. She shows us that our attitudes and our thinking greatly effect how we think and feel about ourselves. She's not talking about the speaking your future into existence type of thinking - the whole you want a new car and a new house theory and you just gotta tell yourself 50 times that's what you want and you'll get it. Because we all know, that you can tell yourself 1 million times you are gunna get a new house, but if you don't have the financial means and knowledge to get yourself that house - your hooped. She's talking about training your mind to speak encouraging thoughts over your body and how our overall well being is uniquely and intricately tied to our thinking. When our minds are negative and we continue to allow ourselves to feed those thoughts...eventually what's in our minds flows down to our mouth...and what comes out of our mouth eventually builds into our hearts and becomes part of our make up. But instead we need to be taking captive thoughts that are negative and turn them into positive thoughts - so that the only thing that flows from our mouths are good, positive, and life giving words which eventually build into our hearts and then becomes part of our make up.

It is definitely an interesting book and study performed and is worth looking into more. So getting back to my thinking and about me having cancer again. Honestly, I don't know why I have cancer again. Beats me. But I know that instead of laying back and soaking in it all day, I...and Christa have chosen to rise up against it and continue living life...not allowing it to get us down.

When I am finished with all the treatments - you can expect another wild crazy adventure coming from us...who knows where. But we are excited to see our story unfold, and the hundreds and thousands of people who's lives are being changed because of our story!

Until next time!

Tim Harriman

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