Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The things that don't matter.

So, the past few days have been a huge eye opener to me, not only me but to Tim as well. When someone you love has an illness, its amazing how quickly and drastically life changes. It can either be the worst time in a persons life, or the most incredible. For Tim and I, this journey is incredible. Here is why...

Some things just don't matter anymore. Life isn't this rat race like we once thought, its not about being perfect or looking perfect, its not about living for other people, its not about aimless priorities... its about enjoying and soaking up each amazing moment...blessing other people, taking walks in the cool evening air, watching the wind blow through the trees and sitting out side munching on watermelon after dinner. Tim and I have discovered the beauty of life, our marriage, and each other.

We talked about it today, when this journey comes to a close at the end of July, we will no longer live as busy, stressed out people. Instead, we will limit our once long list of "priorities" and start to soak up this amazing beautiful world we have been given. We have each other, and we have a long life ahead to experience the amazing and the wonderful!

Guys, seriously, Tim has been doing SO well! Its AMAZING how God has just totally come through for Tim in huge ways. He is not experiencing all the "side effects" the doctors said he would, and he is feeling super great...even better than before his treatments began. I hear people talk about how awful this is for Tim and how they can't believe he has to face it again...and honestly, its true, Cancer sucks, but our eyes have been opened to how far the technology of treatment has advanced. Its not about locking a patient up and "hoping" they come through anymore, its about getting them in, getting them well and letting them go on and live their lives. We could not ask for a better experience, and through it all we're gonna come out totally victorious!!

Anyway, Tim is sitting here waiting for me to hurry up and finish so HE can have the computer...so demanding. ;) Just kidding babe. I love you!!

Bye guys,


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  1. Hey you guys, I've been reading your blogs and praying all the best for you. I know I've never known either of you well, but know that I am supporting you in prayer and am confident in our God to take everything that Satan means for evil, and use it for His good and perfect will.

    God bless you guys, keep on drawing near to the Lord and He will guide your step.

    Michelle Guillemaud