Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 1, Day 1

Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy :)

Someone get me off those crazy pills!

This is my wonderful view from my bed :)

Today is the day the journey officially begins. As I rolled over this morning and caught a glimpse of Christa my eyes filled with tears knowing that this would be the last morning (only for a little while though) I get to roll over and see her lying next to me, wake up, prepare breakfast together, and conquer the world together. However, I also realized very quickly that this can still be a good memory and at the same time, it’s okay to shed a tear once in a while and absorb everything that is happening. Even though gears have shifted and our paths have changed slightly we can still do things together and conquer the world together.

I have said it before that this is going to be a walk in the park. In a way it baffles my mind that I am once again walking this road and every time a nurse comes in to give me my meds or take my vitals it’s nothing new. Been there, done that. Let’s get er’ done and get outta here! Some may say – “Tim, do really think this is going to be walk in the park”? And I say...yes it will. How and why?

When you go for a walk in the park there are days of sunshine, overcast, thunder storms, light rain; seasons of summer, spring, fall and winter; days when the birds are out chirping along as you walk the pathways; valleys to walk through and hills to summit. And occasionally, there are no pathways at all as you trek through natural debris, deep grass, and stumble over obstacles. A walk in the park is never the same as the other walks you’ve had. It always changes and never repeats itself. Some days are walks of frustration and a time to release the stress. Other walks are filled with joy and laughter as you skip along with your friends and love ones, while some days are just casual strolls through the park – nothing too exhilarating and nothing too exhausting. This is my park. This is my walk. It will never be the same.

Packing my bags and checking me in this morning was definitely a little different. Setting up my room and making it as comfortable as possible as I now call this home away from home. 12:30 I was wheeled down to the operating room where my central line was put in (my new little friend which is an IV that goes into my chest and into my heart so that drugs and medications and pumped into my body, blood can be drawn, and my stem cell transplant can be transfused.
Overall it was a fairly low key day and I was discharge and allowed to come home for the night.

As I have had the opportunity to speak to thousands of people, corporate companies and sponsors, and act as an ambassador for the Alberta Children’s Hospital speaking about my story and my experiences with cancer and some of my challenges in my own life at a very young age...I once again tell you this:

It is evident that life will bring its share of challenges and obstacles our way. Its valleys and hills, its sunshine and rain – but always, through thick and thin...Life is Good...Always...and we can always come out the other side with flying colors and arms lifted high as we receive VICTORY!

Until next time,
Tim Harriman

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