Thursday, June 4, 2009


Just had a visit with the doctor and she says my lumps on my neck have gone away! Amen! I am feeling fantastic. I had french toast and bacon for breakfast, a nice hot shower and am lovin life! Doctor doesn't see why I wont be allowed to go home for the rest of week and come back next week for my stem cell shots and then go home for night passes! She expects my counts to start dropping by early next week and begin rising by late next week or mid June. She expect my transplant collection to be on schedule and for no complications! Wow! Life is good...ALWAYS!

Cheers my friends. Keep pressin on and doing what your doing...because...WE WILL WIN!!! WHOO RAH!

From the one and only,

Tim Harriman
Canadian Cyclist, 2 time Cancer Survivor, Motivational Speaker, and more to come! Bring it on!

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  1. You can say WHOO RAH again my cuz!!!! Sooooooo friggin' EXCITING!!!! God is good! Keep that head up! Press on! Victory is YOURS!!!