Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nehemiah and Brailey

Today I was inspired, yet again by Tim and just what we are facing. A friend of ours came to visit and her and I started talking about the stories Tim and I will have in our future, even the ones we tell our kids. I pictured Tim and I sitting there, at bedtime with them after a story and a snack and sharing with them the amazing things "daddy" went through and how he is such a hero. Then something really neat happened later in the day, I imagined our kids talking to their friends about their dad, and how proud they were of him, and how their daddy was the coolest and strongest daddy because of how he faced the monster and pushed it out of the way.

"Dear Brailey and Nehemiah...

Although neither of you are born yet, as I sit here in Tim's hospital room, I am excited for the day we get to hold you both in our arms. Tim is nervous about being a dad, and wants to put it off for awhile and enjoy being married to me, but I know when you both come along you will change our lives forever. I imagine the days of braiding your hair Brailey, playing dolls, dressing up and taking walks. Tim tells me about the date nights he wants to have with you, the summer nights with ice cream cones and picking you up on his shoulder and tickling you until you can't laugh anymore. Brailey, you are a blessed girl to have a dad like Tim one day. Nehemiah, I'll be sure to be your friend and spend lots of time getting to know who you are and investing into really fun moments. Tim wants to play every sport with you, teach you golfing, take you out for a coke often, and create a bond that is so strong between dad and son. We can't wait to go hiking with you both, on vacations, to disneyland, on a cruise, search for faires in the garden, find frogs in the swamp and keep really quiet as Santa drops off his gifts for you!

As you grow up, I'm sure you will quickly discover the heart your dad has. He will protect you, pray for you, love on you, and be your favorite...your hero, the best dad in the whole world. He will help change poopy diapers, and proudly watch you graduate. He is a man of strength, fighting cancer two times...and winning! He is wise, focused, determined and will help you accomplish your goals, and will never tell you what you desire is too big for you to reach. He will teach you, motivate you, train you and never ever turn his back on you when you need him the most. He is so devoted to me, putting all others second, and I know he will do the same for you both. Any time he makes you mad, or when you're older and you are frustrated with him, remember this; He knows alot, he's faced alot and loves you like crazy. He wants the best for you and wants you to grow, flourish and succeed. He wants you to fulfill your dreams and accomplish your goals. He wants you to dream big, and win every battle you ever face. Your dad is my hero, and I know he will be yours.

We both can't wait to meet you...until we do, we're going to grow stronger together, in Christ and fight fight fight the good fight of faith. Wait until you meet your'll love him!

-Christa (your moma in a few years)"

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